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An absorbing fantasy, which draws

the reader into the mind of each character. It

teases anticipation about what will happen next

and leaves us wanting more of this Maiyochi

warrior, his unwitting companion, and their

journey. A recommended read! ~Delores H.

A humorous ride along a treacherous trail! ~Nina


Amazing book, unpredictable and

very entertaining! 10/10 would highly

recommend. ~Avery

Loved the character development and The

adventure pops in so unexpectedly - usually I

have an easier time predicting when trouble

awaits in a narrative. The author also does not

sacrifice clarity for cumbersome fill-in which I

appreciate. ~Unknown

"Awakening" is a gripping ride through the imagination.

Throughout my enjoyment of "Awakening" many questions arose and I am looking forward to the forthcoming volumes to discover where I may find myself in relation to the

choices and reality of "Way-Mon". Outside of the

thoughts within, "Awakening" has pleasantly

influenced my hikes. I am constantly looking for

some of the indicators of the Maiyochi. It's fun to

wonder, "is Hanshee leading me somewhere?".

This has enriched my life; I was already engaged

to all things botanical, and now enjoying the

same information through a narrative has brought

deeper context to my hobby, and for that I am

immensely thankful. ~Mason

“Awakening” is an enjoyable adventure story that draws one in. The story goes from present day and the familiar to…somewhere else…a place that is unfamiliar, and one can sympathize with one of the characters. One can visualize the story as it unfolds, which adds to the enjoyment. Very well worth the journey. My rating: 5 STARS. ~Henry


Couldn't wait to see what was next in

store for Waymon and Hanshee. This action and

adventure was well worth the read. Can't wait to

read Book Two. I give this one 5 stars! ~J


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